Case Law: Traffic Light Intersections (4)

Robot controlled intersections.

More on our Series of Case Studies setting out the different scenarios in Motor Vehicle Accidents backed by Case Law…

AA vs Mantji 1980 (1) SA 655 (A)


MVO consultants Case Law

X was driving his motorcycle and drove over a red traffic light and then collided with bakkie Y, which was driving over a green traffic light.

When Y was approximately 35 to 40 paces from the white line at the intersection, the light turned green for him. As he crossed the white line, he noticed X on his right hand side driving over the red light. Moments thereafter the front of his bakkie collided with the back half of the motorcycle of X on the left hand side.

Held – Court Decision:

On the balance of probabilities, it could not be determined, which of the two vehicles entered the intersection first.

If one accepts that X was first in the intersection, it is still not proven that Y was negligent and if he was negligent, that his negligence contributed towards the collision.

The appeal was successful and the Court ordered absolution of the instance with costs.


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