Are the fairer sex better drivers?

In a previous post I wrote that men have a higher chance of dying in a car accident that women because of the risks they take.

South African Insurance data from between April 2015 and 2017 indicates that men have a higher incidence of write-off’s, or total accidental losses across all age groups, but a bit more in younger groups.

On the other hand, women claim less frequently than men when they are younger, but more than men for minor accidents when they are in their mid-thirties upwards.

Colin Mchunu, Senior Manager at Alexander Forbes Insurance, is of the opinion that this could be due to distractions associated with driving while young children are in the car, or teenagers learning to drive in their mother’s vehicle.

It is also found that men tend to drive more high performance vehicles, thus are at a higher risk. They also tend to speed more and drink-and-drive more.

So next time you go out, let your wife or girlfriend drive. 


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