Why choose MVO Consultants

There are many Investigation companies to choose from, why should you therefor make use of our services.

Firstly we are the only company that offers a one stop service to the legal fraternity and Insurance companies. Should you wish to have a bill drafted or have an investigation done, we offer this and a wide range of other services as well, all under one roof.

We have been in the business for more than 20 years and in this period we have investigated more than 33 500 cases. 

We have offices in Cape Town, George, Bloemfontein and Mthatha.

MVO Consultants also offer the following add on services:

  • Opinions on merits and quantum
  • Acquisitions of SAPS docket, hospital/medical records and SASSA reports
  • Interpretations services
  • Tracings
  • Transportation of clients

What ever service you require, call us now!

For : Motor vehicle accident investigations, Loss Adjusting, Personal liability, Public liability, Defective workmanship, Product liability, Business Interruption, Theft, Fire, Opinions on Merits and Quantum, Loss of income investigations, Merit and Quantum investigations / Reconstruction, Common Law liability investigations, Acquisition of SAP dockets, hospital / medical records / reports, Interpretation services, Transportation of clients, Tracing.


About MVO/VTH admin

Director of MVO Consultants and VTH Consultants, specializing in all Liability Claims, Loss of Income and the investigation of merits.
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