Distracted driving

Research has shown that all drivers engage in some form of distracting activity while driving. This study was done by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. Although a lot of emphasis are put on the dangers of cell phone use while driving there are many other distractions that are more prevalent and even more dangerous.

Researchers use dash board cameras to see how drivers were behaving behind their wheels. In just three hours all of the drivers was distracted at some point or another. 90 % by something outside the car and 100% by something inside the car.

The following chart indicate the percentage of drivers who engaged in the most common distracting activities while driving:

% of subjects                % of total time

Reaching, leaning, etc                                                             97.1                                     3.8

Adjusting music/audio controls                                           91.4                                      1.4

Eating, drinking, etc                                                                71.4                                      4.6

Conversing                                                                                 77.1                                     15.3

Grooming                                                                                   45.7                                      0.3

Passenger                                                                                   44.4                                      0.9

Reading or writing                                                                   40.0                                     0.7

Using cellphone                                                                        30.0                                    1.3

Smoking                                                                                      7.1                                        1.6

More or less 25% of all accidents are caused by distractions.

Drivers are up to 16.1% engaged in some form of distracting activity while driving. (1)

(1) Stephanie Faul, AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety’s Distracted Driving Phase II Report.

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